Who would have thunk it? GAO in its recent major assessment of DHS as to accomplishments of its post 9/11/01 missions was startling honest in its Footnote #13 of the 226 pp version of its report. That footnote reads:

“We focused these mission areas primarily on DHS’s homeland security-related
functions. We did not consider the U.S. Secret Service, domestic counterterrorism or
intelligence activities because (1) we and the DHS IG have completed limited work in
these areas; (2) there are few, if any, requirements identified for the Secret Service’s
mission and for DHS’s role in domestic counterterrorism and intelligence (the Department of Justice serves as the lead agency for most counterterrorism initiatives); and (3) we address DHS actions that could be considered part of domestic counterterrorism and intelligence in other areas, such as aviation security, critical infrastructure protection, and border security.”

So why is the Secret Service even in DHS? The counterfeiting prevention mission? And why have GAO and the DHS/IG ignored these areas? Well Congress probably could care less since contractors that might give campaign contributions not likely to be heavily utilized by DHS!

And did you know that GAO no longer audits. And DCAA [Defense Contract Audit Agency] has oversight for audit over most DHS contractors not the OIG? DCAA by the way is regarded as one of the most corrupt and mismanaged federal components.

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