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Policing Contractor Fraud, Waste and Abuse

One of the best ways to police the contractor community is through an active program of suspension and debarment!  GAO writes: Reports & Testimonies Legal Decisions & Bid Protests About GAO Careers Multimedia Resources For … Suspension and Debarment: Some … Continue reading

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HS and EM and Walter Heisenberg

One of the blogs I frequently post comments on is! Today’s post on that blog invites readers to submit essays to a contest that requests new terms or concepts that might have application to HS. I don’t plan to … Continue reading

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Risk Management

The Disaster Roundtable series [hopefully reenergized by Ellis Stanley as new head] will hold a session on Wednesday on Risk Assessment. From one background source: Risk management From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For non-business risks, see risk, and the disambiguation … Continue reading

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The USA and the Present World Order!

The death of MQ in Libya prompts this post! It does appear that Libya and Tunisia will have undergone regime change this year. Other fall out from the Arab spring largely unascertainable now although some leadership changes like Mubarak in … Continue reading

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The States of Mexico [31]!

More on prior post! Political divisions of Mexico From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia “States of Mexico” redirects here. Not to be confused with the state-type political division of Mexico named Mexico, see State of Mexico. For the various countries named … Continue reading

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MEXICO–A Failed State?

Push is coming to shove with our neighboring state-Mexico. Personally I view it as a failed state now but substantial arguments exist that it is not. Oddly the USA is now demonstrating that it also may well be a failed … Continue reading

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US Embassies and Consulate Ops!

Since I am an advocate for NO repeat NO  State Department or USAID budget but instead just use 5 or 10% of the DOD budget for that purpose and over the next several decades increase the STATE Department and USAID … Continue reading

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