Election Year Arrived Early!

It used to be the Federal Government accomplished little in an election year. Now it seems that little will be accomplished from now through January 2013 when a new administration arrives [or an old one]!  This administration now acts very very tired with little energy or interest in accomplishing much and hoping and praying that SCOTUS does not knock out its major legislative accomplishment.  That was the OBAMACARE legislation. The criminal drone strikes now masquerade as a foreign policy. The FEDERAL RESERVEs efforts to keep the banksters domestic and foreign afloat rises to new heights.

And the 112th Congress is dissolving rapidly into utter futility. I thought when the House went Republican it might mean more effective oversight. But it turns out it does even less.

A devastating report on STATE incompetence has just been released discussing TEXAS and Hurricane Ike recovery.

I now continue to think that elections don’t weigh competence just TV appearances and some ability to respond intelligently. Perhaps a Miss America contest without the bathing suits and high heels.

Well over the next few weeks I will be writing about what could be done, but probably will not happen.

What few seem to realize is the world does not stop for USA elections. It might seem that way but events can intervene in unbelievably harsh ways. Natural and manmade disasters may occur domestically or internationally that reveal competence in governing or not!


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