One of the reasons this President is a failure is that he was a Social Organizer not a Social Worker. No Social Worker has become President.  That Profession had a number of founders, not least Ms. Perkins, Jane Addams, and Edith Abbott. This President has trusted in the lawyers, and financiers to lead reform. Foolish thought.

Disclosure: both my father and sister were trained and practicing Social Workers.

So learn about the brains behind the NEW DEAL [and Eleanor Roosevelt also extremely important]:

Frances Perkins

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Frances Perkins
4th United States Secretary of Labor
In office
March 4, 1933 – June 30, 1945
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Harry S. Truman
Preceded by William N. Doak
Succeeded by Lewis B. Schwellenbach
Personal details
Born April 10, 1880
Boston, Massachusetts
Died May 14, 1965 (aged 85)
New York
Political party Democratic
Spouse(s) Paul Caldwell Wilson
Alma mater Mount Holyoke College
Columbia University
Religion Episcopalian

Frances Perkins (April 10, 1880 [1][2] – May 14, 1965), born Fannie Coralie Perkins, was the U.S. Secretary of Labor from 1933 to 1945, and the first woman appointed to the U.S. Cabinet. As a loyal supporter of her friend, Franklin D. Roosevelt, she helped pull the labor movement into the New Deal coalition. She and Interior Secretary Harold Ickes were the only original members of the Roosevelt cabinet who remained in offices for his entire presidency.

During her term as Secretary of Labor, Perkins championed many aspects of the New Deal, including the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Public Works Administration and its successor the Federal Works Agency, and the labor portion of the National Industrial Recovery Act. With The Social Security Act she established unemployment benefits, pensions for the many uncovered elderly Americans, and welfare for the poorest Americans. She pushed to reduce workplace accidents and helped craft laws against child labor. Through the Fair Labor Standards Act, she established the first minimum wage and overtime laws for American workers, and defined the standard 40-hour work week. She formed governmental policy for working with labor unions and helped to alleviate strikes by way of the United States Conciliation Service, Perkins resisted having American women be drafted to serve the military in World War II so that they could enter the civilian workforce in greatly expanded numbers.[3]



[edit] Early life and education





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One Response to FRANCES PERKINS-the MOTHER of the New Deal!

  1. Francis Perkins…thank you once again Mr. Cumming for sharing your Love of our beloved Republic and reading and knowing about the men and women who have shaped this great nation!

    Where are the US history informational public announcements on television, radio, thrughout the media to portray such a brilliant woman and with her vision, affecting so many….

    Thank you for bringing this woman forward in introduction to many of us who were never taight about Francis Perkins and her energies and astuteness in identifying real programs to help people, not like here in Massachusetts led by the scoundral john Kerry and the fellas who seek casinlos as an answer to the woes of overburdened taxpayers who are becoming more and more alarmed at a Stae of the Union w/flag hoisted as on my front porch, upside dwn depicting the distress we and the global community find itself as a result of arrogant greed and indifference to the folks here on Main Street USA and everywhere!

    Christopher Tingus
    “Main Street USA”
    PO Box 1612
    Harwich (Cape Cod), MA 02645 USA


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