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This is a list of countries by oil production mostly based on CIA World Factbook data.[1]

Note that oil production refers to the sum of barrels of crude oil extracted each day from drilling operations compounded with the equivalent production of natural gas liquids and refinery gains from domestic or imported petroleum production.[2] This should not be confused with oil supply, which often refers to market availability of multiple types of petroleum and non-petroleum fuels (such as natural gas and bio-ethanol), as well as refinery gains and extraction from man-made reserves of different petroleum products (such as the US strategic reserves).

Chart of oil producing nations by order of net exports, as of 2006 (Norway values are wrong, click to enlarge)

Chart of oil producing nations ordered by gross production (click to enlarge)

Historical crude oil / natural gas plant liquids (NGPL) production chart (click to enlarge)

↓ Country↓ Production (bbl/day)↓ Share of
World %↓
Date of
 World 87,500,000[3] 100% 2011
 Arab League 24,171,503 29.71% 2009
1  Russia 10,540,000[4] 12.01% 2011
2  Saudi Arabia 8,800,000[5] 11.59% 2011
3  United States 7,800,000[6] 10.75% 2011
4  Iran 4,172,000 4.95% 2009
5  China 3,991,000 4.74% 2009
6  Canada 3,289,000 3.90% 2009
7  Mexico 3,001,000 3.56% 2009
8  United Arab Emirates 2,798,000 3.32% 2009

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  1. The “KGB Putinites” and the “Brutes of Tehran” along with a soon to be disrupted Saudi Arabia as Tehran has its sight on the Arabian Penninsula are depicted on this graph as the top plaayers on the list of producers and my guess, a prolonged and very disruptive Middle East will place us into another third World War, however certainly not before a terrible global depression….why?

    Corporate greed and the generations…long quest to control Jerusalem as teh German-led EU supported by its sidekick the ever powerful Vatican and the Iranian Guard and Muslim fundamentalists take up sword and fortunately, w/God witness to all, neither will again control all of Jerusalem for God bequeathed to the Hebrew to protect until the return of his son to the throne after mankind and its dysfunctional ways required such involvement….

    The USA, our beloved Republic w/its inept and politically corrupted Congressional membership on bth sides of the aisle w/special interest groups hoodwinking the newly elected and good intentined as well as corporate greed in “outsourcing” manufacturing and everything else – including the kitchen sink – coupled w/eight (8) sitting Presidents of late w/o an Energy policy as we sit on oil, gas and coal which stretches from coast to coast! How dare you allow these mega corporate sleezes to dictate for decades their profits veresus the interests of our beloved Republic! Barry et al – his Goldman sachs adminisration do not like hearing the word “treason” – however trial by jury of both sides of the aisle of these “beltway bandits” requested by all of us who truly care about our nation, the most charitable pelople in the world have become weary f the ever growing government embrace of an individual’s Rights and the demise We together must now confront as we have been bankrupted in so, so many ways and no one at the helm!

    Pls Mr. Chrstie from the great State of New Jersey, pls do run for President as Winston Churchill is no longer with us, however given your wisdom and Love of our Nation and this during your (our) Vigilant Watch, together We will do our utmost to reach out to one another in handshake and make this world a better place and in the same manner in which this Judeo-Christian values were established for the best interests of mankind, not for greed, arrogance and the use of religion to kill innocents for again I remind all, God is witness to all!

    Christopher Tingus
    “Main Street USA”
    PO Boox 1612
    Harwich (Cape Cod), MA 02645

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