The USA and the Present World Order!

The death of MQ in Libya prompts this post! It does appear that Libya and Tunisia will have undergone regime change this year. Other fall out from the Arab spring largely unascertainable now although some leadership changes like Mubarak in Egypt have occurred. But there has yet to be regime change in Egypt and in fact still a military dictatorship.

What did the USA do to help foment or assist the ARAB Spring? Well we helped furnish the technology of social media that was fundamental to its occurrence. But officially the USA did little to help. And NATO led in Libya although with crucial USA support. And I advocate that the Libya “triumph” is now as good a time as ever for the USA to withdraw from NATO.

IN the Western Hemisphere I note that Haiti continues to fester just 700 miles offshore.

And we ratify a previously signed  FREE Trade agreement with Columbia even as we find in today’s Federal Register a Presidential action extending a National Emergency based on the threat from Columbia.

And we now threaten Pakistan more directly for tolerating [supporting?] terrorism inside its boundries and according to some reports put boots on the ground in an operation violating Pakistani policy with respect to American assistance.

And a free trade agreement with S. Korea also ratified. Time to pull USA troops out of S. Korea and the sale of weapons to Taiwan makes no sense either. Let Taiwan figure out that the USA is not going to war over Taiwan as an independent nation-state. If someone argues a sell out they can figure the USA conceding China and Taiwan one country long ago.

Since the Republican Presidential debates conclusively prove that party has no foreign policy except perhaps for invasion of Mexico, it is up to the DEMS to make sense of USA foreign policy and foreign relations in the 13 months until a new President is elected.

That could be fun or depressing since the whole world knows that the USA is tired of being in a leadership role except for its various weapon testing wars. And the drone assembly lines will provide jobs just not friends in the world. Talk about a bankrupt leadership even before we get to WALL STREET and the EU and British banks.

Hey its a great country!

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  1. Christopher Tingus says:

    ….and let’s nlot forget the French banks very much in troubled waters….

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