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Proliferation of WMD and DHS

Although a later commission focused on the threat of biological terrorism the Commission report below should be considered seminal in its findings and conclusions on radiological threats. Today’s EM FORUM ably run by Amy Sebring and Avagene Moore focused on … Continue reading

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Current Efforts!

My friend Claire Rubin as Senior Editor and most of the original chapter authors are working to update the PERI History of EM-The American Experience. I have submitted by comments on the draft revised chapters to Claire. My friend William … Continue reading

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Military Civil relations and Domestic Crisis Management!

Eric Holderman was nice enough to post an extract from the document below on his DISASTER ZONE blog yesterday with some personal reflections. Here is the entire document for this blog readers and researchers: [This technical note is not copyrighted … Continue reading

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The Definitions in PPD-8

Answering the question at the end of the previous post, PPD-8 defines MITIGATION and other terms and these are made mandatory throughout the federal government. No death penalty for violation of course. I have long suggested a separate budget code … Continue reading

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The NFIP And Mitigation–DHS and FEMA don’t Get IT!

The NFIP was established by statute in 1968 in that year’s HOUSING ACT. The first policy was issued in June, 1969 to Monroe County in Florida. Recently it has gone through 13 short term extensions leading to departure of its … Continue reading

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Nunn-Lugar-Domenici Revisited

The Defense Against Weapons of Mass Destruction Act of 1996 signed into law as Title XIV of the Defense Appropriations Act of 1996 contained a number of Congressional findings. Based on common statutory construction theory these findings are not part … Continue reading

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REP-Radiological Emergency Preparedness

REP-Radiological Emergency Preparedness IN a program that is FEMA’s closest to formal public health and safety regulatory effort outside of the NFIP the REP [Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program] effort dating back to the Carter Administration, new revised guidance has been … Continue reading

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