Public Alert and Warning

On November 9th there will be a Nation-wide test of the EAS! That system stems in part from E.O. 12472 as amended and the following:

Executive Order 13407
Public Alert and Warning System

  • Signed: June 26, 2006
  • Federal Register page and date: 71 FR 36975, June 28, 2006
  • Amends: EO 12472, April 3, 1984

There is technical research and analysis in existence of the usage of the terms (1) Alerting; (2) Warning; (3) Notification; (4) Call-up!


The Partnership for Public Warning produced a National Warning Strategy in the last decade. It is available as a baseline document VACATION LANE BLOG at!

The NOVEMBER 9th test is described as a test of the WARNING system!

See also regulations published at 47 CFR Part 11 and 47 CFR Parts 201-212!


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