Veterans Day Today and Freedom Day Monday!

Disclosure:  I am a veteran of two years, 10 months, 4 days, and seven hours but who was counting. But I am NOT a combat veteran.

But I have read enough about WWI to realize that the Armistice declared on 11/11/1918 at Eleven AM GMT was in fact one of the most significant events in the history of the world . For a discussion of the military aspects of that war find British military historian Sir John Keegan one of the best.

The war ended the so-called Belle Epoque in FRANCE and the Edwardian Era in England. Ultimately of course it ended three Empires.Perhaps lfour! One being the OTTOMAN Empire.

But its real significance to me is not who won because I think no one actually one since war broke out less than 20 years later. But it did provide reasons to wonder why the West had so readily and willingly committed suicide and forfeited its world leadership except in the realm of gunpower and exploitation of the third world. The latter IMO a good thing.

But WWI shattered the confidence of the WEST and I would argue it has never recovered. But history never ends so who knows. It certainly created the impression of most the countries involved that perhaps social welfare programs and the good of various peoples were a better use of government than warfare!  Perhaps not!

The President has issued a proclamation naming MONDAY as National Freedom Day. I am not sure what he thinks FREEDOM is but I just happen to be reading a wonderful book by Professor Eric Foner of Columbia University published in 1998 by NORTON captioned “The Story of American Freedom” discussing and analyzing what and how American history has used this term and analyzing that usage. A very interesting book.



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