The Constitutional Right to Peaceably Assemble?

Extract from one Congressional Quarterly’s blogs:

“According to a Justice official, the clearance of Occupy Wall Street encampments in a dozen cities “was coordinated with help from Homeland Security, the FBI and other federal police agencies,” Rick Ellis reports in The Examiner. “DHS has been reportedly following Occupy Wall Street Twitter feeds and other social media networks,” AlterNet’s Lynn Parramore similarly relates — and check The Christian Post’s Amanda Winkler: “Big Sister Is Watching: DHS Monitors Social Media.” Occupy Nashville protesters, relatedly, rallied Wednesday in front of Tennessee’s homeland security office, The Nashville Scene’s Jeff Woods adds.”


Wondering what kind of legal review these agencies went through before participating in STATE and LOCAL policing issues?  Any?  Congress should find out what legal review or concurrence these federal agencies had and all documents relating to the efforts. If health and safety issues were involved these agencies have no analytical capability to conduct that review.

This chilling action on Constitutional rights should concern all Americans. The Obama Administration continues to act illegally IMO as none of these agencies had any authority to intervene on these OWS movements so that I would like to know how they avoided any Constitutional issues.

The Imperial Presidency continues its lawless swagger and continues to not answer when the drone wars will end.


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