An Oldie But Goodie

Sometime old research products and writings are useful in the present!  Try this one on for size:

WP107 Major Terrorism Events and Their Outcomes (1988-2001). Claire B. Rubin, William R. Cumming, Irmak Renda-Tanali, Thomas Birkland, 2003. Appendix A: Legal References, Appendix B: Major Reports, Appendix C: Selected References, Appendix D: Acronyms. A hard copy version is available for purchase from the authors. Please visit the timeline section of the Claire Rubin & Associates Web site.

Appendix C – Natural Hazards Research Working Paper #107

Rubin, Claire B., William R. Cumming, and Irmak R. Tanali. Terrorism Time Line: Major Milestone Events and Their U.S. Outcomes (1988-2001). June, 2002.

As with the last post the world of anti-terrorism and counter-terrorism did not begin with 9/11/01!  Only the George W. Bush Adminstration elected officials and appointees failed to understand that fact. And the death of UBL will not end the GWOT an acronym prohibited from usage during Obama I!


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