Much to be Thankful for!

Thanksgiving 2011 coming up. Will be away from the cottage for several days! Friends will be hunting all those days and friends using the cottage while I am away. So far record one day deer take within mile of the house is 12 with two large bucks included. Some hunt with dogs and some with deer stands down here. They are all welcome now that roses newly planted. They seem a special treat for deer.

I have been given much by the Lord and by my family. Hoping I have returned in some small measure!  Highlight of the year on the cottage– a new dining room floor after 6 years. Outside more effort to make park like I hope succeeding.

Health wise crossed 9 years out for treatment of Gleason 7 both lobes prostate cancer. And of course 45 radiation sessions with beam radiation. Most recent reading two months ago for PSA was 0.05!

Looking forwards to the new year.


Hoping all can enjoy the season. As I am in 70th year clearly glad for having had a full life. Lived it the best I could.


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