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This blog ends its first year!

The year closes with the thought that this blog was fun and hopefully allowed me to display my ignorance for all to see with perhaps a few buried gems. A court has ruled according to SLATE magazine that bloggers are … Continue reading

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A Decade Out from 9/11/01!

The past decade has resulted in tremendous effort by the USA to prevent another 9/11 from occurring in the USA. It has succeeded but only history will tell US exactly why and I am very thankful for that success. But … Continue reading

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Destruction of Civil Liberties?

Wars tend to end with erosion of civil liberties. One among many reasons to oppose them. On the HLSWATCH.COM blog is a post and comments relating to proposed codification of indefinite detention even fro US citizens in the National Defense … Continue reading

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The Days are Getting Longer!

Yesterday was the Winter Equinox so now the days are one minute longer until the summer Equinox in June. White Nights in between. I try to make sunrise each day sitting with my coffee looking east out of my living … Continue reading

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As the World Turns?

I think there once was an afternoon soap opera by the name of this post. Perhaps still is one. Have no TV linked to outside world so happy and content not to have to watch soaps except when of historical … Continue reading

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Extract from DHS Strategic Risk Assessment Summary to Comply with PPD-8

The recent unclassified summary of the DHS risk assessment required by PPD-8 included an animal disease–specifically foot and mouth disease-which is a clear problem even in the USA. But foot and mouth disease is not like to collapse the entire … Continue reading

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DHS Organizational Structure and Reporting Relationships

CY 2011 has been a period of unusual stability in DHS organization and reporting relationships. Congress has been busy on other matters. And the DHS Secretary has largely been traveling. Ms. Outside and not sure wether Jane Lute, DHS Deputy … Continue reading

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