PPD-8 Preparedness System Deliverable

On December 6th FEMA posted the document below on its website–no indication of how it was developed or by who and what level of coordination and review it had outside of DHS.

But here it is:

PPD-8: National Preparedness System Description

Source: FEMA, 12/6/11
The National Preparedness System Description is the second deliverable required under PPD-8: National Preparedness.  Specifically, it identifies six components to improve national preparedness for a wide range of threats and hazards.  The system description explains how as a nation we will build on current efforts, many of which are already established in the law and have been in use for many years.  These six components include:
1.      Identifying and assessing risks;
2.      Estimating capability requirements;
3.      Building or sustaining capabilities;
4.      Developing and implementing plans to deliver those capabilities;
5.      Validating and monitoring progress made towards achieving the National Preparedness Goal; and
6.      Reviewing and updating efforts to promote continuous improvement

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