AS 2011 Winds Up Where are We?

Don’t let the title of this post fool you!  This is all about current events and predicting the future.

First, the EuroZone and EU should have let Greece fail. After all a few more Greek restaurants in the Western World could not be a bad thing. Few recognize the contributions of the Greeks to Western Civilization. I highly recommend the book entitle “Sailing the Wine Dark Sea” about what the Greeks gave Western Civilization.  But in deforesting itself long ago in part to defeat the Persians, the Greeks condemned themselves to poorer agricultural than anyone might have known. Probably subsidyof the Greeks the real lesson of history since that happened. So why pretend they don’t need a subsidy from the rest of the Western World now? After all no Greece no WESTERN CIVILIZATION.   Just make it the Western World’s large museum and tourist attraction.

But hey they started it all for the most part so if the Greeks bring Western Civilization down perhaps they have the right to do so. Highly recommend the book by a prominent British historial of the classical world “From Homer to Hadrian”! And also “The Oxford History of the Classical World”!

Well as most would point out Western Civilization did survive even the dark ages. I wonder if the 20th Century will be looked back on as the start of the new DARK AGES. So what will drive the WEST’s RENNAISANCE? If anything?

Well hopefully science, engineering, reason and morality but who knows. The Treaty of Westphalia [1648] that created the nation-state system seems to be breaking down even as Globalization stumbles. But technology has fused the new world and is unlikely to be developed to prevent that fusion. So what is a politician to do? Well actually Newt and Barack both seem to believe technology is for the good whether it is or not in reality. More though probably needs to be given to the misuse of modern technology even as it evolves.  E.G., are flash mobs the future? Should voting technology and its adoption continue to be a function of the STATES and their local governments?

Americans seem to be somewhat radicalized and that is probably not a good thing for US or the world. Will that radicalization allow a deeply radical person–NEWT–to win the Presidency? Iowa voters less than 3 weeks from making their choices! Because he has converted to Catholicism no one is going to argue that the POPE controls NEWT! In fact is that not the problem–even NEWT does not control NEWT?

But now looking like worldwide recession and depression just like the 30’s and perhaps radical political “isms” will again be the fad? Since three years in no real financial or FIRE sector reforms looks like more bubbles to follow. And student loans hit the $1 trillion mark and yet that ineffective subsidy of higher ed and its middlemen seems a disasterous policy choice. Just as disasterous as invading countries where we don’t speak the languages, understand the cultures, and have religions virtually unknown in our polity.

Well that old Chinese Curse–may you live in interesting times–seems more valid than ever even as we live in the Best of Times [for some] and the Worst of Times [for others]!

Where there is life there is hope.


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