Beware the POLLS! Ron Paul will win in Iowa!

As of today’s post the last Republican debate Romney is shown ahead of the pack in Iowa. And I firmly believe that Iowa is a corrupt retail political shindig largely led not by organization and turn out but the amount spent to turn out those attending the cauceses.

Whatever!  We have now learned that all the candidates but Ron Paul (and note that I would not be one of his voters) do not have any real differences from either President Obama, his Secretary of State, or Israel on foreign policy. Some like NEWT actually advocate invading Iran.

Ron Paul is opposed to further US military adventurism and the militarization of US foreign policy and foreign relations. He is labeled by the others as an isolationist but he is not.

The second reason Ron Paul will win is that he is willing to take on that hugely undemocratic organization owned by the banksters called the Federal Reserve. Attempting to deflect Ron Paul’s efforts and others some US Senators have announced in press releases that FED CHAIRMAN BEN B. has promised not to bail out Europe. This is a direct effort by the FED to influence the US Presidential campaign. Just as President Andrew Jackson was enraged by the BANK of the US lobbying Congress to influence it again the FED continues to expend money and effort to convince Congress that it is a benign organization with no need for oversight or disclosures. PLEASE NOTE THAT ACTUAL OWNERSHIP OF THE FED IS NOT AND NEVER HAS BEEN DISCLOSED TO CONGRESS THE ADMINISTRATION OR THE US PUBLIC.  Why one might ask since it runs itself with public funds even while pretending it earns its monies.

My point is that people understand that Ron Paul stands for something while the other candidates either do not or stand for positions that are totally meaningless for USA success in a globalized world.

If Ron Paul does not gain a lead after N.H. and Iowa he will seriously consider a third party candidacy!

All of the above IMO of course!


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