A Strategic National Narrative for the USA

AS the US leaves behind  its major military effort in Iraq estimated to have cost $800 billion in direct outlays but far more in the long run including an almost $3billion of expenditures for the American Embassy in Iraq and 150 defended positions throughout the country it may well me time to have the candidates in the 2012 election discuss their view of the future and a national narrative strategy of their own to accomplish that goal. One effort on that goal is set forth below:


A worthy effort by two military officers IMO!


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One Response to A Strategic National Narrative for the USA

  1. Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen so much respected by military peer, civilian and patriotic Americans is quite correct when saying that the ‘US deficit is our biggest natioonal security threat.”

    To Ms. Anne-Marie Slaughter, Princeton University, to “Mr. Y” aka Captain Wayne Proctor, USN and Col. Mark ‘Puck” Mykleby, USMC, thank you from thse f us here on “Main Street USA” who fully concur with Admiral Mullen and you in what I beleiev every Congressperson and Senator as well as the Vice President, the President and every WH staff member should read. Also, I suggest that this be passed along to those at NSA who We here on “Main Street USA” we no

    Thank you to William Cumming for making this available to all. He is a gift to all of us, one of the most astute and enlightened to pay heightened attentiveness to his words and suggestions as to how We may improve an America today where many of us protray the distress of our Beloved Republic by hanging ‘ol Glory upside down! We are worried. Very worried. We see an inept, self serving beltway only a select few capable of leading…Where in Winston Churchill? Even his ghost would be better today than the charade being played out by this overspent WH and its Goldman Sachs riddled administration and both sides of the aisle so much invested in special ininterests, especially their own.

    The Rights of Americans are being stripped almost as quickly as the campaign slogan “change” promised with any spare change we had taken from our pockets while we are looking and the enactment of laws which Now seriously threaten Not the illegal, but We the People who can be construed as terrorist by this government and admnistration at its whim – well, We, too seek recall of public servants who do Not stand up to their pledge on Blible and to Country and We seek term limits from the New England for of Town Meeting government and more sepcifically, term limits from the Seelectman of the Town of Milton to the Presidence of the United States and certainly inincluding the local School Committees who are so indifferent to local taxpayer and property taxes spending monies without transparency…

    Term limits We shout from the pews. No more whispers o the deceit we see with many of pointing and calling many of these despicable Acts among those We “entrust” to serve the Public and call for their arrest, even citizen’s arrest for Acts of Treason against our beloved Republic and most charitable people. No longer are we America, the beacon of hope to those so oppressed, but a people who are being oppressed by the King who must be pushed from the wall in the next election and he and his Goldman Sachs cronies never put back together…

    The veil of corruption, of deceit, the vulnerabilty of our nation and technology led by this Chicago community organizer and supported by the bankers from Wall Street to Europe now show a $15 trillioon deficit growing daily exponentially and given the fpresight of our forefathers and their dire warnings of just such corrupt practices of men who talk from two sides of their mouth and do Not understand that Good is witness to all and his wrath is much a promise to those who act in such manner and do not repent.

    I will remind this Chicago community organizer and his GS cronies that We are a Judeo-Christian nation and even though you think you can dupe us, you can fool the people only so much, yet God can never be hood winked especially by a Congressional good ‘ol betlway bunch of hoodlums –thieves…yes, theives with your inside trading and the many other ways where you may well be construed as elder abusers and even terrorists in terrorizing our elders dangling these ongoing discussions of medicare and social security, imposing healthcare programs which you youselves would never subject yourself and your family members to…How dare you so abuse the precious Democracy We here on “Main Street USA” – the real political party who have more clout than you truly understand.

    In God We Trust and yes, we salute the American flag and unlike this Chicago community organizer and his cohoorts, yes We sing every word of the Star Spangled Banner and We are damn proud of this beloved Republic and where we expect all to adhere to the lawful purpose imposed on legal citizen and without a question, ousting anyone who has entered this country illegally while so many wait every morning at Emabassy in every country hoping to gain legal entry into the USA!

    God Bless America!

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all Americans and a reminder of the insight our forefathers conevyed to us to prceed with caution esepcially from those within…

    Christopher Tingus
    “Main Street USA”
    PO Box 1612
    Harwich (Cape Cod), MA 02645 USA
    google: christopher tingus

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