As the World Turns?

I think there once was an afternoon soap opera by the name of this post. Perhaps still is one. Have no TV linked to outside world so happy and content not to have to watch soaps except when of historical interest like some BBC productions.

But as 2011 closes some important cross roads will be evident for the choices made by this time next year. These are listed below:

1. How strong is anti-War sentiment in the USA polity now?

2. Will China incorporate N.Korea into its system more formally than now?

3. Will the Islamic World turn inwards or outwards even as it experiences continued economic pressure unless a petrocracy?

4. Will Russian political life be still until another generation passes and will Putin reside over that terribly weakened great power for another generation?

5. Will Iran develop a deliverable nuclear weapon and if it does how many? SECDEF Panetta says this will never happen!

6. Will President Obama win a second term and if he does what will he do with it?

7. Will the EU and Eurozone collapse?

8. Will Pakistan formally become a military dictatorship or failed state?

9. Will the huge blow to the Japanese people, culture and economy by the Fukishima event be fully recognized as a key event in Asian and perhaps world history?

10. Will Israel launch a war with Iran?


Okay folks those are my top 10 for questions 2012 might just answer! Notice the absence of USA economic issues. Why? The US bet on housing as an investment not as housing and now a decade long decline in prices and construction will continue.

Be glad if you have a roof over your head. A sound roof. My roof needs replacement.

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1 Response to As the World Turns?

  1. Happy New Year as We here on “Main Street USA” who were promised in campaign slogan “change” have seen every penny of our spare change taken and change in our Rights as citizens being attacked by a President and his Goldman Sachs riddled administration who are doing their utmost to force as many fellow Americans into poverty as possible, dependent on government –

    God Bless our beloved Republic!

    Christopher Tingus

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