A Decade Out from 9/11/01!

The past decade has resulted in tremendous effort by the USA to prevent another 9/11 from occurring in the USA. It has succeeded but only history will tell US exactly why and I am very thankful for that success. But was it a victory?

IMO No! NO Victory!  Why? Western Civilization has long been caught up in cause and effect whether accurately or inaccurately as a focus for understand events and even reality. To some extent the view of the Islamic World towards the USA as the Great Satan has been modified. In some cases strengthened and in some cases weakened.

But what has happened in that decade is the linking of democracy and capitalism and the “end of history” has been totally destroyed. Only those who don’t read the news or listen to current events could believe otherwise. After all no safe investment arena has been left to the middle class and now even the family home is regarded pretty much as shelter not an investment with prices declining on average nationally and mortgages exceed equity in over 40% of the USA.   And 4-8 million foreclosures to go this decade.

Close to 50 million on food stamps and without medical coverage.  Almost 50 million collecting disability. And student loans approaching or exceeding $1 trillion dollars.

The middle class in decline as family income declines for the first time in decades.

So 9/11 may not have caused this state of affairs but it did not help that almost $4 trillion went to various kinds of warfare against AQ and the Islamic World’s authoritarian leadership.

But little in the way of policy change is underway and as is usual in the US during Presidential election years the game is to prevent crisis, real or perceived, and thus policy stasis is the norm.

OF COURSE ALL OF THE ABOVE IS ABOUT THE ILLUSION OF CONTROL! The USA is not immune from the hazards, natural and manmade, that impact US.

So Happy New Year and hang on tight if the worse comes to pass. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.

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1 Response to A Decade Out from 9/11/01!

  1. A decade where we have sen the utmost disRespect towards the citizenry as the pols and bankers handclasped as maigicians conveying the story of how their genius saved us from bankruptcy and their “markets” whereby they have held the bama doll in their hand shaking him in every way to assure that – even though the first monies were lost – more monies would bail out the bankers and get them rich while kids – right here in USA – sleep in the car with their parents in hospital parking lots and go to school and here they are living in the automobile with family – and foreclosed homes, underwater and a government spending policies now placing us $15 trillion in bankruptcy and billions and trillions spend overseas when all these mortgages could have been more fairly valued and kids would not go hungry – I bet the Pres’ kids are not starving for a basic nutrional supplement daily – a Chicago community organizer that bthe – bankers – knew they could manipulate and with his knowledge of the Constitution lead the way to a socialist America where Americans would be dependent on a biger and more intrusive government….led by the Obama family and kids listening on the car radio for a few minutes at a time not to let the car battery run out as this tday’s American family “lifeline” as they hear hoow the Obama kids were on Martha’s Vineyard and in Hawaii —

    This 911 decade has shown very clearly how those in government who should all for the most part be on term limits and asked to resign starting w/a President oof the United States who must be ousted in the next election even in the midst of Republican candidiates who are from the same cut, however who will be far more under scrutiny than the likes of smug smiled Pelosi, “Mr. Barney” and what I consider “Acts of Treason” against the US Constitution and our beloved Republic of which We here on “Main Street USA” in our dysfunctional ways have permiited such outlandish abuse to place our children and the American family at such jeopardy, such anxiety among children who no longer worry when they hear parents arguing whether they will be like most kids and from a divorced relationship, but worry that they, too will be living in poverty and going to and from school opening and closing the car door and folks, I, Christopher Tingus, noow an elder, am Not kidding as We have failed our children and especially our Grandkids by not demanding term limits. Let us begin and today I am willing to share a new political party, “Main Street USA” and each of you are a member and no longer a whisper, Stand and be Counted For You are Important and God’s Child! God has asked us to repent for all such and We as a Judeo-Christian nation have failed to learn of our own history and appeciate the opportunity so many sacrificed to afford our current generations while so many globally have liitle or no hope whatsoever as we are No longer the Beacon of Hope to the oppressed and hungry as We are in fact, the “oppressed and hungry” –

    God Bless you all!

    Be weary in this New Year for the unraveling of all these acts of Lucifer will without doubt cause much anguish, sorrow and utter disappintment Not as Iran takes over Iraq, however in yoour hime and that of neighbor as you find less and less funds and no one truly giving a damn….

    Christopher Tingus
    “Main Street USA”
    PO Box 1612
    Harwich, MA 02645 USA

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