This blog ends its first year!

The year closes with the thought that this blog was fun and hopefully allowed me to display my ignorance for all to see with perhaps a few buried gems.

A court has ruled according to SLATE magazine that bloggers are not journalists. I agree with that but not sure what protections or regulations of bloggers should occur. In a number of countries so called micro-bloggers are being shut down by the government. This would indicate to me that they are at least stirring the pot which is one of my main hopes with this blog.

In January 2004 a tsunami hit Indonesia and elsewhere. In 2010 an earthquake hit Haiti.

Now what will happen in 2012 this January? The EU and Eurozone have kicked the can down the road by injecting low costs money into over 500 banks. The Federal Reserve continues to subsidize the banksters in the USA.

10 major countries have Presidential elections this year. By major I mean capable of influencing for better or worse the world stage.  Right now I would expect that to be the biggest story.


Expect some dramatic announcements with the 2013 fiscal year budget proposal by the Obama Adminstration and the STATE of the UNION Address. Perhaps a last effort for both by this President.

I still expect at least one third party to arise and get 10% of the vote in November.

The US Senate and HOUSE will be Republican this time next year. Presidency anyone guess. Both DEMs and Republicans look finished to me by end of this decade but perhaps I am wrong.

Any how Happy New Years.

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1 Response to This blog ends its first year!

  1. Jeff Bowers says:

    Americans Elect ( has managed to get on the ballots of all 50 states. It will be interesting to see the impact the organization will have on election choices… and results. With Gary Johnson also likely to run as a Libertarian Party candidate, anything could happen.

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