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FEMA Guidance

FEMA is an administrative not a Commerce Clause regulatory agency. Yet Title 44 of the CFR are full of FEMA regulations. Why? In establishing FEMA the decision was made to use notice and comment procedures under the APA even for … Continue reading

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National Strategic Risk Assessment!

Presidential Policy Directive 8 issued March 30, 2011 called for a new National Strategic Risk Assessment. The document below was issued in compliance with that goal. It is inadequate IMO from almost any point of view. Just one reason is … Continue reading

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A Strategic National Narrative for the USA

AS the US leaves behind¬† its major military effort in Iraq estimated to have cost $800 billion in direct outlays but far more in the long run including an almost $3billion of expenditures for the American Embassy in Iraq and … Continue reading

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Social Vulnerability and Disasters!

The real history of the last 4 decades of the growth in federal disaster relief is the cultural conflict between the public works mentality that has dominated FEMA and the federal relief agencies and the reality of the division of … Continue reading

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Beware the POLLS! Ron Paul will win in Iowa!

As of today’s post the last Republican debate Romney is shown ahead of the pack in Iowa. And I firmly believe that Iowa is a corrupt retail political shindig largely led not by organization and turn out but the amount … Continue reading

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Including Today 22 Days until Iowa distorts the modern Presidency again!

On January 3rd a number of rugged individuals (how rugged depends on the weather) will turn out to gather in Iowa and again distort Presidential election politics in the USA for another 4 years. What arrogance and stupidity demonstrated by … Continue reading

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AS 2011 Winds Up Where are We?

Don’t let the title of this post fool you!¬† This is all about current events and predicting the future. First, the EuroZone and EU should have let Greece fail. After all a few more Greek restaurants in the Western World … Continue reading

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