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The European Union!

It is very very important that all Americans understand the difference between the European Union, NATO, and the EUROZONE. They are not the same thing. Here from CRS is a good current overview of the EU! European Union Enlargement, January … Continue reading

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Public Health Preparedness Continues to Erode!

In December an important and I believe accurate report on public health preparedness was issued by a nonprofit org. Extracted from CQ article! “The health system’s capacity to deliver treatment to the public in emergencies such as bioterrorism attacks … Continue reading

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GAO and CDC on WMD threats and Preparedness by Local Governments!on

Readers of this blog know that I believe WMD preparedness and response was the 1st priority in creating the DHS! They also know that I believe whether discussing STATES and their local government preparedness and capabilities or the DHS and … Continue reading

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Public Health and Safety and FEMA!

Would you be surprised that in none of the Statutes or Executive Orders delegating or vesting authority in FEMA is the language “protecting the public health and safety”? Perhaps this is why FEMA through its programs, functions, and activities does … Continue reading

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International Disaster Assistance and DoD!

By virtue of Presidential Executive Order DoD is the primary response organization for foreign disasters. Not the STATE department or its AID or OFDA! Oddly perhaps DoD ignored its own talent and insights into foreign disasters in Iraq and Afghanistan. … Continue reading

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The Electoral College!

As the selection of delegates to the two major party conventions takes place this year all must remember that that selection is meaningless. We live in a REPUBLIC not a democracy and the reason for that is largely due to … Continue reading

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One Accounting for 2011 Disasters!

There is a difference between costs, damages, and losses and certainly insured losses and insurable losses are other important categories. But see the UN report below: Disasters cost $366 billion in 2011: UN Geneva (AFP) Jan 18, 2012 – Natural … Continue reading

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