Nuclear Surety and Safeguards!

In addition to command and control issues [best book to   date is Paul Bracken’s 1982 “Command and Control”— nuclear surety and safeguards are a difficult and complex topic not always mastered even by the nuclear priesthood.

Now the Nuclear Threat Initiative and the Economist Intelligence news has prepared an interesting report referenced in today’s NY Times.


“The 122-page report is titled the “Nuclear Materials Security Index” and its accompanying Web site is Australia came out on top, the report says, because it has reduced its holdings of weapon-useable materials to “a small amount” and did well on the overall indicators. It received 94 out of 100 possible points.

Among the nine countries known to possess nuclear arms, Britain came out on top with a score of 79. The report credits its high status to concrete security measures as well as “its commitment to and follow-through on international obligations.”

The United States scored 78 — a fairly good ranking, the evaluators said, considering its possession of a sprawling nuclear complex that dates to the earliest days of the atomic era.”

Of course I would respectfully disagree with the conclusion that the USA ranking is fairly good. If we are not Numero Uno on this ranking probably many should be fired or relieved of their responsibility. After all the USA is the world’s leading proliferator of both weapons and nuclear power.  There can be no argument with that conclusion.


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One Response to Nuclear Surety and Safeguards!

  1. One must concur w/William Cumming as the US has no excuse not to be no. 1 in this category while other categories from education to all which we see faltering surely a direct result of a failed Presidency, in fact, OMG, yes a “Goldman Sachs” administration and a Congress – on both sides of the aisle, no better!

    In fact, when We read here on “Main Street USA” Biblical verse in this Judeo-Christian nation about – perfection – perfection which should be demanded when those responsible foor caring fr nuceal warheads is a must, in Matthew 5:48, Jesus Christ commands his followers, “Be ye therefore PERFECT, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect” Well, with ‘ol Glory flying upside down on te front porches of many of our homes depicting the distress We face and it is obvious those we have “entrusted” to serve their oath and pledge to Coonstitution have chosen to serve self-interests only during what should be “term limits” imposed on every elected office….

    ….perfection is demanded when caring for nuclear weapons and while I cannot embrace all that Ron Paul contends, it is surely time to spend our monies here and instead of yondwer and before the bridges and highways and all the infrastructure requirements, let make sure this score is PERFECT!

    Christopher Tingis
    PO Box 1612
    Harwich, MA 02645 USA

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