Presidential Reorganization Strategies?

President Obama has decided to throw the dice and reorganize or propose to reorganize the Executive Branch in his last year of his first and possibly last term. This proposal will probably not be effective until 2013 at the earliest even if approved by Congress. The end of the Commerce Department as currently structured would also send NOAA to the Department of Interior. NOAA and the NWS have already protested publically this makes no sense. None cite the real reason which is set forth below:

First the Department of Interior organization as extracted from Wikipedia:

Operating units

The hierarchy of the U.S. Department of the Interior.

I exempt the NPS, the USF&WS, and the USGS from this following comment. Most of the Interior Department is corruptly managed, administered and staffed and has a complete disregard for science and largely is a mature bureaucracy that is totally dominated by the lobbyists.  Founded in 1849 the Department’s worst corruption was evidenced by the TEAPOT DOME scandal in the 1920’s and the BP catastrophe in 2010.

I would argue that this recommended assignment by the President makes absolutely no sense and in fact NOAA and the NWS should be part of a new Science, Climate, Atmospheric, and Geological Resources Department. Other things also should be focused upon including the CZM program in NOAA that should incorporate coastal mapping and mitigation issues from FEMA and DHS under the NFIP.

It will be interesting to see what does happen.

My guess is the President is trying to do this in case his place in history rests on his first and only term.


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One Response to Presidential Reorganization Strategies?

  1. The science community is outraged by this WH administration. You can be certain that this Chicago-community organizer will never be reelected to another term even if We have to vote for Mitt Romney who lacks much as well.

    Reading Mr. Cumming this am and this foolhearty Presidential proposed assignment causes more and more concern. Chinese officials who for the most part are science and engineering disciplined must shake their heads when loking at the beltway charade and the unraveling of a country which has compromised and jeopardized itself and is a fallen leader w/few take the charge and ‘ol Glory and charge ahead w/our front porch flags upside down depicting the real “distress” we are encountering as the economic and political uncertainty globally points to War and again a Germany and Vatican who will lead the way.

    We are so foolhearty, so full of ourselves, hot air I say as the Chinese stockpile commodity afetr commodity, our fleet and aircraft age and We here on “Main Street USA” see quite clearly that this “Goldman Sachs” riddled WH and Congress have fell short of its obligation to serve and protect the People – the US constitution and therefore, from the President to Congress, I yell treason and I assure myself that I am no terrorist as this administration may call me, but a Patriot like so, so many other – Americans – proud of our beloved Republic and most charitable people looking back to the valor, the courage which created and protected this nation and We here on “Main Street USA” promise w/hand over Bible and with salute to the flag in this our Judeo-Christian nation, our pledge to run to the polls and rid ourselves of this charade from the President through many of the Congressional members while demanding “term limits” as well.

    There is no question…I question that NOAA and NWS should be part of the new Science, Climate Atmospheric and Geological Resources Department and to even consider anything different, get this President and his foolhearty cronies intent on weakening our nation to its core, out of office. Vote!

    Enough of this ….Recall is in order and immediate term limits!

    Christopher Tingus
    PO Box 1612
    Harwich (cape Cod), MA 02645 USA

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