DoD and EM!

DoD is heavily involved in what they term “Homeland Defense” as opposed to Homeland Security. Most would think the split between the two is highly defined and rigorously observed. Not so. But with a NORTHCOM having been established in fall 2002 and with an Assistant Secretary for Homeland Defense–currently Paul Stockton, PhD, former Standford Hoover Institution fellow—DoD is having an impact. Also the National Guard has recently been given a slot on the Joint Chiefs of Staff and that may well impact civil military relationships also. DoD also under the auspices of the former FORSCOM no longer in existence as of last summer created a course called the Civil Liaison Course designed for DoD facility officers to understand and relate to the civil community surrounding each facility.  I assume FORCOM’s demise means some other organization does the same training perhaps NORTHCOM.

I recently heard that over 300 USAF enlisted personnel all carrying the MOS of EMERGENCY MANAGER attended this years IAEM conference in Las Vegas. Perhaps useful experience except that FEMA for example would not be able to send 300 personnel to any conference no matter how valuable to the personnel.

So with this as background I think all should be aware of more formal doctrinal docs available that indicate DoD interest in EM. Thanks to Eric Holderman’s Disaster Zone blog one is identified below.

There is an Army Regulation 525-27 Army Emergency Management Program that provides the regulatory  guidance to the Army on the subject of emergency management.    The National Incident Management System (NIMS) is a major component. It will be of interest to see how soon PPD-8 of March 31, 2011 is referenced since it is an all Executive Branch guidance doc.


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