GAO and CDC on WMD threats and Preparedness by Local Governments!on

Readers of this blog know that I believe WMD preparedness and response was the 1st priority in creating the DHS! They also know that I believe whether discussing STATES and their local government preparedness and capabilities or the DHS and FEMA equivalent, there is not much in the way of either threat analysis or preparedness and not much in the way of technical response capability. In FEMA there is none of either.  The REP [raiological preparedness program] is of some planning utility but it only exists near the 110 nuclear power stations in the USA.  It certainly does not verify state and local capability as required by 10 CFR Part 50 Appendix E the NRC parent regulation of 44 CFR parts 350-354 published by FEMA.

FEMA or some other federal agency or department should be charged formally in a statutory mandate with public health and safety around nuclear power stations and for WMD incidents and events with respect to the STATES and local governments.

I wish that the lessons of Fukishima were being followed more closely in the USA and not through the filter of NEI or NRC. Perhaps CDC should be assigned this task.

The  OER in EPA is also not up to its job. It needs twice the staff and twice the funding to perform its assigned tasks.

But here are two reports of interest! One by GAO and one by CDC!


GAO Urges Improved DHS Guidelines for Using WMD Threat Analyses

The U.S. Homeland Security Department should create more detailed recommendations to guide its offices as they consider how to utilize WMD threat analyses in response preparations and resource acquisition and distribution decisions, the Government Accountability Office advised in a report released on Wednesday.

Shortcomings Seen in Local Nuclear, Radiological Event Readiness

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention should engage with high-population jurisdictions to better coordinate local nuclear and radiological threat analyses with preparations for particular contingencies, investigators with the U.S. Health and Human Services Department said in a report issued on Tuesday.

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1 Response to GAO and CDC on WMD threats and Preparedness by Local Governments!on

  1. WMD’s and cybersecurity as well as a dirty bomb will become a part of the global environment and by the year of 2012, a natural born, legal citizen should expect that those We have “entrusted” to supposedly serve the public and constituency will have had a National Energy Plan in place and planning and execution when this event or events take place and let no one think that it could be a German attack! The “Brutes of Tehran” and the “KGB Putinites” and the Middle East Islamic fundamentalists will assure everyone of much instability ahead as the German-led EU with its ever powerful and corrupt Vatican sidekick will deal a definte blow to these folks and will cst us all once again into a global WW as the veil of uncertainty and a ten nation downsized German led EU will bring humanity with all its dynamic dysfunctional manners to the forefront and with the charade being played out with this WH deficient administration and both sides of the Congressional aisle….the “good ‘ol beltway bandits” as We here on “Main Street USA” reference Hank Paulsen et al and the Goldman Sachs fellas leading Barry Obama…the Chicago city community organizer who must not be re-elected for if he does get re-elected and may very well given the liberal Massachusetts former Governor whose word is never etched in stone just as the “change” We here on “Main Street USA” have seen stripping oou pockets to pay the tuition costs and subsidies of illegal folks who are here as lawbreakers while folks line up every morning globally waiting in front of embassies to have an opportunity to come to American and become lawful citizens…The laws of this land must be upheld just as We as citizens must and maybe w/more recall initiatives, we can rid ourselves of many of the devient pols we have in office who have “not had sex” or not stolen, etc., etc. What a charade….The elitists who will agaion bvring us to War!

    We must get ready and we best train our first responders and begin training high school juniors and seniors in first aid and CPR as mandatory….every community should have high schools and other facilities federally supported in meals ready to eat and beds and other requirements as shelter will very much become necessary and police, fire and EMT personnel should become further federally subsidized and far more extensively trained for very serious events which will transpire as a result of bankers and self-serving politicians…not only here in our midst who so intentionally abuse our Constitution and citizenry, but from nation to nation where poverty continues to grow, some 1 billion fellow human beings do not at this very moment have even access to even a clean glass of water and those printing food stamps for US families camnnot keep w/the demand….

    God Bless our beloved Republic! We are weary of those whose self-serving ways has increased our debt so high and We very much see a very frightful future ahead despite the promises of technology….mankind’s intolerance of others and those that seek our demise will most assuredly place us all at jeopardy and We best be prepared, yet We will not for Congress rather inititiate discussions to distract from their failings….

    Christopher Tingus
    “Main Street USA”
    PO Box 1612
    Harwich (Cape Cod), MA 02645 USA

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