Public Health Preparedness Continues to Erode!

In December an important and I believe accurate report on public health preparedness was issued by a nonprofit org. Extracted from CQ article!

“The health system’s capacity to deliver treatment to the public in emergencies such as bioterrorism attacks and pandemics is at risk because of funding cuts to state and local public health departments, warned a report issued Tuesday by the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

It added that federally funded programs are eroding as well.

The report also calls into question how ready the nation would be in case of natural disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes. Fifteen states have cut public health funds three years in a row.

“The great recession is taking its toll,” said Jeff Levi, executive director of the trust, in a conference call with reporters. Major gains in preparedness since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the anthrax attacks afterward “are in real jeopardy due to severe budget cuts at the federal, state and local level,” he said.”

What I find of great interest is that despite the largest investment by any measure in its health care system by any nation-state in the world the USA still does not get what it pays for. Why? Much lost to middlemen.

The reappearance of H1N1 and other virus should warn all that nature does not grant variances.


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One Response to Public Health Preparedness Continues to Erode!

  1. How is it that this inherent greed among participants in Democracy, often in leadership roles, are so arrogant in their elitist perspectives and so blinded to the continued core erotion of our beloved Republic’s core for We have little ability in organization and implementation to serve the US public in the inevitable calamity that will befall us whether natural or manmade…Bioterrorism, cyberattack and so much more will become even more inevitable as the world makes ra;id changes in the political environment globally….We must…We must be prepared here withion our borders to best prepare ourselves.

    Government is becoming more and more imposing, this “Goldman Sachs riddled WH” spending us far beyond the stratosphere and We fail to march onto the Congressional steps calling “Foul! Foul” – OMG, what has happened to us?

    Where is Winston Churchil?

    *no wonder “Mr. Barney” has decided Not to seek office again…did you see the latest re Freddie Mac relying on their bet that consumers would fail to meet obligations….

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