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Chemical and Nuclear Plant Safety–CRS!

CRS continues its annual production of high quality report. But that organization continues to be contentious politically and if the Senate turns Republican in 2013 its quality may be threatened. Why?  Most of the lobbyists in DC will do whatever … Continue reading

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DoD and EM!

DoD is heavily involved in what they term “Homeland Defense” as opposed to Homeland Security. Most would think the split between the two is highly defined and rigorously observed. Not so. But with a NORTHCOM having been established in fall … Continue reading

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Presidential Reorganization Strategies?

President Obama has decided to throw the dice and reorganize or propose to reorganize the Executive Branch in his last year of his first and possibly last term. This proposal will probably not be effective until 2013 at the earliest … Continue reading

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THANKS TO A BRITISH em BLOGGER FOR THE LINK TO THE REPORT BELOW: In December the Robert Woods Johnson foundation published the report below: Its conclusions should not be unexpected. Health preparedness in rapid decline for several reasons. Please … Continue reading

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Nuclear Surety and Safeguards!

In addition to command and control issues [best book to   date is Paul Bracken’s 1982 “Command and Control”— nuclear surety and safeguards are a difficult and complex topic not always mastered even by the nuclear priesthood. Now the Nuclear … Continue reading

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The Protectorates of the USA

While many might disagree I would argue that the USA currently has too many protectorates for its long term health as a nation-state. A term largely out of usage and favor I still like it. Protectorate From Wikipedia, the free … Continue reading

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Weltmach oder Niedergang (world power or decline)!

World history contains few statesmen that did not follow the crowd but had the power to restrain the crowd’s ambitions. The doctrine in the title of this post led to German destruction of the best of Western Civilization in WWI.  … Continue reading

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