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Syria–Will US Intervene? YES!

Having watched a year pass with increasing violence by the Assad Regime against its own people, and despite a critical veto by Russian and Chinese votes in the UN, I am now flatly predicting US intervention in Syria this year.  … Continue reading

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Patricia Gormley Died Yesterday AM!

Yesterday morning Patricia Gormley the first and only female General Counsel of the independent Executive Branch agency FEMA passed away. Pat served as GC of FEMA from August 1990 to January 1993. Some information on Pat’s life:   Sympathy … Continue reading

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Social Capital and Globalization!

WE often here discuss critical infrastructure, its creation, operation, protection, and impacts. We seldom hear as much about investments in the people of any given nation-state and the long term impact of doing that investment or not doing it. My … Continue reading

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President George Washington’s Farewell Address [1796]

Based on current events I think it is timely to review George Washington’s Farewell Address to Congress and the Nation. Then read the Farewell address of President and General George Washington in 1796. He was one of our greatest and … Continue reading

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MENA [Middle East and N.Africa]!

Okay I may be crazy but here goes! It now appears to me that given the languages shortfall and lack of cultural and religious understanding of those leading USA policy makers whether economic, political, or military the USA should retreat … Continue reading

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Some Quick Takes!

I am now predicting US intervention in Syria with UN approval blocked by China and Russia. Worrying is none seem to know why China and Russia vetoed UN action. Putin now hoping oligarchs will contribute a one time make  up … Continue reading

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The Chinese Condominium

Extract from Wikipedia: Condominium (international law) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia “Joint sovereignty” redirects here. For Joint sovereigns, see Coregency. This article is about the international law describing a territory in which two sovereign powers have equal rights. For the … Continue reading

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