The Chinese Condominium

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Condominium (international law)

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“Joint sovereignty” redirects here. For Joint sovereigns, see Coregency.
This article is about the international law describing a territory in which two sovereign powers have equal rights. For the form of housing, see Condominium.

“In international law, a condominium (plural either condominia, as in Latin, or condominiums) is a political territory (state or border area) in or over which two or more sovereign powers formally agree to share equally dominium (in the sense of sovereignty) and exercise their rights jointly, without dividing it up into ‘national’ zones.

Although a condominium has always been recognized as a theoretical possibility, condominiums have been rare in practice. A major problem, and the reason why so few have existed in practice, is the difficulty of ensuring co-operation between the sovereign powers; once the understanding fails, the status is likely to become untenable.

The word is recorded in English since c.1714, from Modern Latin, apparently coined in Germany c.1700 from Latin com- “together” + dominium “right of ownership” (compare domain).




I have frequently referred in past posts on other blogs to the potential for an Asian condominium to be erected in the latter part of this century by the Han Chinese. It would include most of East and South Asia and would become a new pattern for international arrangements in that part of the world. The real question is would the USA as on of several non-Asian Pacific Ocean powers be excluded. Possibly but not probably.

My point in using this term is that the future of international relationships should not be warfare either military or economic but instead a more cooperative type of relationship that will help both the planet Earth survive and its inhabitants. Overpopulation is clearly one of the main obstacles to this concept. Demographic factors  seem to be the crucial policy driver in the 21st Century. IMO of course.

The collapse of Japan both economically and culturally is also becoming increasing a factor in allow the Chinese to lead the way in forging this arrangement. Stability in China is not all that certain as the Communist leadership continues to ride the tiger of economic success and increased contact with the outside world. What does appear clear is that of all the current nation-states only China and Germany have long range strategic considerations in mind even in their foreign relations. The USA just cannot cut it now that it lacks leaders willing and able to forge a strategic vision for the country through its foreign policy and foreign relations. One reason is obvious! The CIA should have a new role as the strategic INTEL agency and ignore tactical or military concerns. The militarization of the CIA through its use of drones is a major error. This is being done largely to avoid the accountability of the military chain-of-command led by the President as Commander-In-Chief.

The CIA is badly staffed for a strategic INTEL function but if it were staffed the wisdom of predicting the Chinese Condominium I believe would be soon established. And yes the President was correct. It will be more important that the USA is a Pacific power rather than an Atlantic power for the rest of its history. If President I would move the entire fleet to the  Pacific with the exception of anti-submarine capability. Oddly the Indian Ocean may well become the equivalent ocean of interest to the Atlantic’s dominance in the last 500 years.

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