Some Quick Takes!

I am now predicting US intervention in Syria with UN approval blocked by China and Russia. Worrying is none seem to know why China and Russia vetoed UN action.

Putin now hoping oligarchs will contribute a one time make  up payment for part of profits from their role in privatizing Soviet Assets.

Colleges now clearly identified as run for their administrators not their students and faculty. Proof in their finances.

Washington largely shut down from policy debate and innovations unless related to the long election campaign. Unknown events in 2012 may yet be in the saddle.

Pannetta at DoD seems willing to address tough issues raised by demobilization.

Obama will not get another shot at SCOTUS appointment this first term.

SCOTUS will be issue dramatic opinions on a number of subjects between now and summer recess.

The election outcome in November may be driven by whether unemployment drifts below 8%. If it does Obama has a shot.

The EU and EUROZONE has pushed that crisis into 2013 by accounting fraud.

The Stock Markets domestically normally go up in an election year. This one also.

Most likely surprise in 2012 election–the staying power of Ron Paul.

Republican VP pick will be Marco Rubio!

NBA title will go to Oklahoma City Thunder!

Redskins will pick up Peyton Manning!

Israel will again invade Lebanon!

Chinese will launch spectacular space shot!

Hillary Clinton will take over World Bank!

More in a month.

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