MENA [Middle East and N.Africa]!

Okay I may be crazy but here goes! It now appears to me that given the languages shortfall and lack of cultural and religious understanding of those leading USA policy makers whether economic, political, or military the USA should retreat into a more isolationist stance with respect to MENA and the Islamic World. There is some evidence that this might well calm the waters in MENA as the area sorts out its problems over the next several decades. With an Islamic population world wide approach 2 billion time to gear up the US higher ed establishment to learn more about the languages and culture and religion of this block.

After 9/11 some asked the question “why do they hate US”? Few in US leadership positions were willing to answer that it was because of our foreign policies and foreign relations, not because they hated our system of government or culture.

That question and the very wrong answer provided IMO by the various leadership elements in the USA even today means that we still act out of ignorance not knowledge. So let’s stop pretending and have a cooling off period.

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