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Voluntary Consensus Standards!

Few understand how seldom Congress grants investigative, regulatory, or standard setting authority to federal departments and agencies. AS to standards, OMB Circular A-119 has in the past provided guidance to federal participation in standard setting efforts.  Almost no new regulatory … Continue reading

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Research resources!

Time to get technical! Resources National Capital Region: Key Response Planning Factors for the Aftermath of Nuclear Terrorism, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, November 2011 Crisis Response and Disaster Resilience 2030, FEMA, January 2012 FEMA Organization Chart, February 28, 2011 FEMA … Continue reading

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FEMA Leaders and Lawyers!

Republished from elsewhere! How to Collaborate Effectively With Lawyers During a Crisis By Eric Stern, Gregory Saathoff and Brad Kieserman Emergency Management March 12, 2012 h-Lawyers.html Stafford Act disasters, like other forms of crises, place inhumanly difficult demands on … Continue reading

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Pre-DHS EO’s Delegating Authority to Director FEMA

In determining whether the “new” FEMA has the same legal authority as the former independent agency one source of authority is delegated authority from the President to the Director of FEMA. Now of course all delegations from the President go … Continue reading

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Text of E.O. 12472

Executive Order 12472–Assignment of national security and emergency preparedness telecommunications functions Source: The provisions of Executive Order 12472 of Apr. 3, 1984, appear at 49 FR 13471, 3 CFR, 1984 Comp., p. 193, unless otherwise noted. By the authority vested … Continue reading

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Executive Order 12472

Issued in 1984 and signed by President Reagan E.O. 12472 remains extant. Unlike many Executive Orders it has implementing regulations at 47 CFR parts 201-212. Many departments and agencies have language in their appropriations bills each year allowing for them … Continue reading

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EO 12919 Rescinded on Friday the 16th of March!

On Friday the White House issued a press release indicating the signature by the President of a new Executive Order [unnumbered until # assigned by NARA] that rescinds E. O. 12919 delegating the DPA to various departments. E.O 12919 rescinded … Continue reading

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Extract from Secrecy News of FAS provided by Steve Aftergood: PREPARING FOR THE AFTERMATH OF NUCLEAR TERRORISM What would happen if a 10 kiloton nuclear explosive were detonated in downtown Washington, DC at the intersection of 16th and K … Continue reading

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MEK, Holder v. Humanitarian Law, REDUX

I try to avoid providing links on this cite without any of my own analysis but it would be hard for me to improve no the discussion in the following  article by Glenn Greenwald, Esq.

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Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act

The Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act [Public law 100-707] is  oft amended. It is not a comprehensive federal crisis response statute for domestic civil catastrophes. In the 112th Congress currently 115 proposed amendments have been introduced. … Continue reading

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