THIS POST IS IN THE VEIN OF IDLE SPECULATION! Its only importance is that it is my last call on the November 2012 Presidential election. Now that Romney looks like the Republican candidate barring an open convention [highly unlikely] it looks like clear sailing for him except in the old Confederacy. Romney can improve his chances by luck [known as intervening catastrophes] by choice of VP running mate [I am predicting Condi Rice] or by Obama Presidency collapse.

But in my view it is now Obama’s to lose, not Romney’s to win. The only way Obama can lose is very low voter turnout, gas prices above $4.25 per galleon, and unemployment in excess of 8%!

Foreign policy that will determine the fate of the USA economically as well as any other way the rest of the century will largely be ignored before the election now that it appears more certain that no Iranian war until after the election. We will however become deeply involved in Syria.  And sub-Saharan AFRICA. We now have troops engaged in four African countries.

So that is all folks. See you after November!


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