Extract from Secrecy News of FAS provided by Steve Aftergood:


What would happen if a 10 kiloton nuclear explosive were detonated in downtown Washington, DC at the intersection of 16th and K Streets NW?

That question is posed by a recent study (large pdf) performed for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  It assesses the impact of a nuclear terrorism incident in the nation’s capital and seeks to derive the appropriate lessons for emergency response planning purposes.

It is clear that a nuclear detonation would “overwhelm response resources in the area.”  On the other hand, “the existing Washington, DC structures offered better than adequate protection [for a] shelter-in-place strategy [that] would reduce the number of potential acute radiation casualties by 98%,” the study said.

See “National Capital Region: Key Response Planning Factors for the Aftermath of Nuclear Terrorism” by B.R. Buddemeier, et al, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, November 2011.


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One Response to A NUDET in DC?

  1. Let’s do whatever we can to prevent any such inevitable event!

    We cannot afford a WH so focused on conveying its devisive philosophies on the American populace, so insulting to the values handed down to us by our forefathers and besieging the Constitution in such decetiful manner – prompting me to shout treason!

    Listen, we are very fortunate to have so, so many dedicated individuals, proud of America and despite all the empty political promises, the rhetoric and the super pacs, I still have some confidence that we might someday repent and replace “entrusted” leaders by precious vote to leadership positions whereby term limits are imposed, recall initiatives established and our beloved Republic is placed formost in front of self-serving agenda!

    We have many who seek our demise from within our border to shores far distant….Let’s get together and strive to bring harmony to this nation and rekindle the technological revitalizarion prerequisite to taking any steps forward.

    Whether it is “Barry Obama” or “Mitt the Unfit” with the gridlock inherent with Congressional ineptness and tis devisive and intentional ambition to control and gain power, let us not forget the principles set forth by this Judeo-Christian nation and its values….

    We will suffer angusih, consequences for the void in leadership and this ever spiraling budget deficit and the “change ” we were promised…surely any pennies we had remaining in pur pockets, all gone….

    God Bless America! we Love her so and once a Beacon of Hope to all opprressed, let us renew our faith and our forthright commitment – Under God – to strive and rekindle our spiti for my flag like many other front porch flags on “Main Street USA” still fly upsixe down depicting the distress We confront despite the Dow climbing to levels we have not seen since ’08….D o we truly have any confidence in a government who has not idea supposedly where $750 billion in initial surplus funds disappeared to…give us a break!

    God Bless America! Be vigilant and be prepared!

    Christopher Tingus
    PO Box 1612
    Harwich (Cape Cod), MA 02645 USA

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