EO 12919 Rescinded on Friday the 16th of March!

On Friday the White House issued a press release indicating the signature by the President of a new Executive Order [unnumbered until # assigned by NARA] that rescinds E. O. 12919 delegating the DPA to various departments. E.O 12919 rescinded among other Orders  former Executive Orders E.O. 10480.

The Executive Order could be considered a rountine update and reflective of establishment of the Department of Homeland Security in 2003. This should have already occurred but better late than never.

The new Executive Order also rescinded Sections (3) and (4) of Section 401 [assigning duties to the Department of Commerce] of E.O. 12656 that read as follows:

“(3) In cooperation with the Secretary of Defense and other Federal departments and agencies, analyze potential effects of national security emergencies on actual production capability, taking into account the entire production complex, including shortages of resources, and develop preparedness measures to strengthen capabilities for production increases in national security emergencies;

(4) In cooperation with the Secretary of Defense, perform industry analyses to assess capabilities of the commercial industrial base to support the national defense, and develop policy alternatives to improve the international competitiveness of specific domestic industries and their abilities to meet defense program needs;”

It is unclear why this was necessary but given that the Department of Commerce is scheduled for reorganization by President Obama if Congress approves this may have some significance for that reorganization.


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2 Responses to EO 12919 Rescinded on Friday the 16th of March!

  1. Given the $1.75 billion in rare earths in a one stop resource I am to offer the beltway and if they continue to wallow in “Sleepy Hollow” this entire – treasure – in rare earths (heavy) will be sold to the Chinese who have the check written and are banging louder and louder at my friend’s doorway as they (China) need this cache of rare earths to exceed even their objectives when the Chinese established the “Rare Earths Industry Dev’l Plan 2009-2015” —

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    Whether it is the Department of Commerce, Homeland Security, the Asst Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of Defense or the Director of Manufacturing and Industrial Base at Arlington in Chrystal City…behind the Chinese are the Indians and I (WE) are being given an opportunity in a narrow window to write the $1.75 Billion – yes, $1.75 Billion to acquite these assets qhich will only go up in value and assure us of prerequisite requirements necessary to our security. If it is now the Commerce Department, then The Commerce Secretary and the Joint Chiefs should call me and make themselves available to confer directly with the owner of this rare earths treasure. It seems that the Treasury department led by Hank et al and “Mr. Barney” can easily lose $750 billion in first stimulus monies, so writing a check whereby we have a treasure chest China desperately seeks is in our National interest.

    If we do not step forward, I am most confident that the well educated scientists and engineers in Chinese leadership will win the loot and will become dominant in their Defense National Stoickpile and China will ultimately control supply and pricing thereof.

    Whether it be the Secretary of Defense, whether Brett Lambert, even Barry Obama himself who I have very little regard and for his WH staff as well as Mitt Romney who We here on “Main Street USA” and here in Massachusetts refer to as “Mitt the Unfit” – this is not about me or anyone else. I have pleaded that I be afforded the opportunity to bring this opportunity to the doorstep of the Joint Chiefs to any Congressional members and including the Armed Services Committe and anyone else not entangled with their inpt and arrogant demeanor in self-serving agenda and muster the astuteness to understand the significance which as an int’l business dev’l type involved in export of iron ore and coal globally, such opportunity by an esteemed Geologist keen enough to understand the value of such rare earths has acquired and concurs with me that our nation, once so strong, to revitalize ourselves and prepare for the 22nd century must be in front of the door ahead of the Chinese and India who is so thirsty as well for this treasure in rare earths.

  2. wastewater1 says:


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    Mr. Secretary of Defense, Brett Lambert, Asst Secretary of Defense Industrial/Maunfacturing, the Commerce Secretary and the Joint Chiefs, do Not enable China to acquire these rare earths and further stockpile such valuable assets for the composition of these elements can be used for military purposes and advancement into the 22nd century and I seek your inherent understanding of the value I have worked tirelessly to position this opportunity for our (America’s) acquisition for I, Christopher Tingus am Proud to be an American and now an elder, I seek your assistance in assuring our generation and those forward the security that this $1.75 Billion in check to be wriiten to acquote this – treasure – in rare earths will afford us.

    As I have pleaded woth my friend and owner of these rare earths, pls allow our beloved Republic to have in our possession this cache of valiuable assets in our coffers.

    The future of China’s dominance in rare earths rests with the decision you all share and work in collaborative manner in conferring directly with one of the most astute and enlightened Geologists who owns the tteasure – Let us not allow it to fall into China National Defense Stockpile.

    With Respect, I am Sincerely,
    (Chris)topher Tingus
    Int’l Business Development Consultant
    Proud (Natural born) Citizen of the United States of America and Hellene
    PO Box 1612
    Harwich (Cape Cod), MA 02645 USA

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