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Neither candidate will win a majority in 2012 Presidential Election

Another prediction: Neither Obama nor Romney will win a majority of the popular vote. From Wikipedia: In the United States, the president is indirectly elected by the Electoral College made up of electors chosen by voters in the presidential election. … Continue reading

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Presidential Politics-The Real Stakes in 2012!t

As always I could be wrong and probably am but here is my take on American Presidential politics since IKE. First, Nixon won in 1960 but due to corruption in Illinois and W. Virginia, JFK became President. He was not … Continue reading

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PPD-8 One year later?

On March 30, 2011 the President signed and issued PPD-8!  A VLG edited and highlighted text is set forth below: VLG EDITED VERSION OF PPD#8 Edits designed for clarity April 8, 2011 THE WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON March 30, 2011 PRESIDENTIAL … Continue reading

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FEMA’s Risk Analysis CPG 201, April 3, 2012

FEMA has published its THIRA as CPG 201!  See below: Comprehensive Preparedness Guide 201: Threat and Hazard …;jsessionid…?type…thira…   It is not an all-hazards document as it omits for exmple Strategic Nuclear Attack or more limited nuclear attack as … Continue reading

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The Start Point for the “Dual Use” concept!

The recent CRS report on the various definitions of HS reveal that the “all-hazards” concept is not part of all definitions. I have previously published on my blogs and elsewhere a history of preparedness focusing on the evolution of “dual … Continue reading

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CRS on definition of HS!

April 3, 2012 Congressional Research Service (CRS) publication called “Defining Homeland Security: Analysis And Congressional Considerations.”

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The Annual Preparedness Report

PKEMRA 2006 fully effective March 31, 2007, mandates an annual report on the status of Preparedness in the USA to be issued by FEMA. In January 2009 before departing the Bush Administration issued the first report pursuant to this requirement. … Continue reading

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