Important Article on Public Health Preparedness Law!

While I think some of the discussion in the article is incorrect and that little has actually been accomplished since the Anthrax attacks in 2011 with respect to public health preparedness there has been a step up in organizational grip by HHS and CDC and WHO. The choice of President Obama for the new World Bank President [that I predict will fail] is interesting in itself. The WORLD BANK’s largest specific sector is Health, Nutrition, and Population, and that sector has been under served by the lawyers and financiers that have run the World Bank so far.  Each of the six presidents that have run the Bank since WWII have tried to redesign it except for the current President, a brilliant man headed toe the Republican cabinet if Romney wins or the head position in Goldman-Sachs.

Anyhow here is the article info:

The Evolution of Law in Biopreparedness

By James G. Hodge, Jr.
Over the past 10 years, a transformative series of legal changes have effectively (1) rebuilt components of federal, state, and local governments to improve response efforts; (2) created a new legal classification known as “public health emergencies”; and (3) overhauled existing legal norms defining the roles and responsibilities of public and private actors in emergency response efforts. Read article | Journal contents


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