What did we know and when did we know it?

In a take off of my sometime current events posts I have decided to list some items that indicate to me the further war against the individual in the USA! Naturally others look to the USA for leadership in so-called “soft power” issues and policies.

First, the strip search ruling by SCOTUS seems unbounded and expect those peacefully protesting and arrested to now be stripped searched also.  The case involved by the way the passenger of a routine stop of the speeding driver.

Second, there is still no effective reform or regulation of the banksters and hedgeters so expect further financial collapse and bailouts after the election.

Third, the EU has successfully kicked the can down the road of its huge financial crisis but that may be unsuccessful. Riots and Civil disorders may well be common this summer in the EU and I fully expect disruption and security breaches of the London Olympic Games.

Fourth, there is almost no available information on what either the OBAMA Administration or the Romney Administration would do if they are re-elected or elected in November. I do expect a Republican controlled Congress, both Senate and House, and now predicting Elizabeth Warren and Tim Kaine going down in defeat in November. Both DEMS running for US Senate seats.

Fifth!  Expect civil military relations in the USA to be problematic as the first serious riots and civil disorders occur in the USA since the LA riots of summer 1992.

Sixth!     Revelation that the US government had critical information to Japanese for their FUKISHIMA response and did NOT provide it. Also threats to the USA from the event covered up.

Seventh! The US will be involved in another midEAST crisis this summer.

Eighth! The stock markets will be in turmoil all summer from both global economic news, wars, and SCOTUS rulings.

NINTH! A number of high-ranking officials will leave before the fall elections.

Tenth! The World Bank will have a non-USA President. First time ever.

There will be major surprises at both conventions.


For the moment that’s all!


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