The Start Point for the “Dual Use” concept!

The recent CRS report on the various definitions of HS reveal that the “all-hazards” concept is not part of all definitions. I have previously published on my blogs and elsewhere a history of preparedness focusing on the evolution of “dual use” into CEM [Comprehensive Emergency Management] and into the “all-hazards” mantra.

Oddly the starting point for the “dual use” concept was the EXECUTIVE BRANCH and specifically the National Security Council under the Nixon Administration and Henry Kissinger.  I argue that NSDD-47 was the first “all-hazards” document. Some might disagree!

Perhaps John Brennan should ensure that “all-hazards” is a baseline concept for HS by issuing or requesting the President to issue a brief Executive Order adopting the “all-hazards” concept as the lodestar for HS policy! Otherwise HS will eventually fail with “terrorism” as its linchpin IMO!


SEE the following:

United States Civil Defense Policy, National Security Decision Memorandum 184, August 14, 1972


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