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Research Aid: FEMA History

NCJ Number: NCJ 212317 Title: FEMA’s Place in Policy, Law, and Management: A Hazardous Materials Perspective 1979-2003 (From Homeland Security Law and Policy, P 23-55, 2005, William C. Nicholson, ed. — See NCJ-212315) Author(s): William R. Cumming ; Richard T. … Continue reading

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The Earth’s Bounty–Fish Stocks!

A recent book that I found of interest is discussed below: from “In this brilliant portrait of the oceans’ unlikely hero, H. Bruce Franklin shows how menhaden have shaped America’s national—and natural—history, and why reckless overfishing now threatens their … Continue reading

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What did we know and when did we know it?

Let’s suppose that Mitt Romney takes over as President in 7 months and 20 days. What will be his first actions? If I told you what he has promised, even some for the first day, whether you are a DEM … Continue reading

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This Memorial Day Weekend–One of the reasons we [US] Speak Mostly English!

And here is the Sir Lawrence Olvier version of Shakespeare’s Henry V Act IV, Scene III

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Radiological Emergency Response

HERE is a link to the published document superseding the Federal Radiological Emergency Response Plan [FRERP] published in the Federal Register originally in 1986! I cannot speak to all the agencies that may be signatory to this document but … Continue reading

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Published 2nd Edition of Claire Rubin’s Emergency Management: The American Experience

Claire’s second edition is out with some major reworking including a chapter on the 2011 BP catastrophe by Dr. Jack Harrald.  There is a disclaimer that none of the chapter authors are professional historians. Disclosure: I helped edit both this … Continue reading

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Australian Research Center

The Aussies have called for papers and reviewers on the following topics that to me look like a splendid effort for a book  to be entitled “The Future of Disaster Management”! Here is the list: Suggested Chapter Titles and Sub-themes: … Continue reading

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DHS Key positions updated!

This information has recently been updated, and is now available. Assistant Secretary, Office of Cyber Security and Communications, Michael Locatis Assistant Secretary, Infrastructure Protection, Caitlin Durkovich Assistant Secretary, Office of International Affairs and Chief Diplomatic Officer, Alan Bersin

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Water, Water Everywhere But Not a Drop to Drink?

In February the DNI [Director National Intelligence] produced a fascinating report on water issues. Go to:

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India Passes Japan as World’s 3rd Largest Economy!

According to the IMF, the European Union has the largest GDP, worth $15.8 trillion, followed by the United States with $15 trillion, China with $11.3 trillion, and India now narrowly ahead of Japan, with $4.458 trillion against $4.44 trillion. In … Continue reading

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