Brennan and the US Drone Program!

John Brennan, a product of the CIA culture and career, before several audiences has defended the Administrations use of drones in the GWOT [a banned phrase that I still use]! Although not a lawyer he defends the legality of these operations under US law including the Constitution and International Law.

The purpose of this post is to reflect on the fact that I agree with those arguing exactly the opposite and that drone usage should long ago have resulted in an Article of Impeachment being introduced in the US House of Representatives.

And a US Circuit Court of Appeals has dismissed cases pending against John Yoo for his opinion writing in the Bush DoJ/OLC. This is as it should be but he should have been fired not for the opinions but failing to describe fully all the legal considerations in allowing usage of torture in the GWOT.

The failures of the legal profession are deep during this GWOT and time will prove my correctness IMO.  I highly recommend, even for non-lawyers, the blog!

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