Radiological Emergency Response

HERE is a link to the published document superseding the Federal Radiological Emergency Response Plan [FRERP] published in the Federal Register originally in 1986!

I cannot speak to all the agencies that may be signatory to this document but as to FEMA it does not have the funding, staff, or technical expertise to conduct its role under this published MOA.

Whether other federal agencies [OFA] can do so remains to be seen. I also suggest that FEMA is unqualified to perform its designated role under E.O. 12657 published in November 1988.

Since I turn 70 on August 4th of this year perhaps this post reflects almost 25 years of frustration with the current radiological preparedness and response system.


Cf: Severe nuclear reactor accidents likely every 10 to 20 years, European study suggests (May 22, 2012) — Western Europe has the worldwide highest risk of radioactive contamination caused by major reactor accidents. Catastrophic nuclear accidents such as the core meltdowns in Chernobyl and Fukushima are more likely to happen than previously assumed. Based on the operating hours of all civil nuclear reactors and the number of nuclear meltdowns that have occurred, scientists have calculated that such events may occur once every 10 to 20 years (based on the current number of reactors) — some 200 times more often than estimated in the past. … > full story

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1 Response to Radiological Emergency Response

  1. wastewater1 says:

    It seems We have much to be frustrated w/as yime moves forward. We are so unprepared in so many ways and the devisiveness and lust for power and money as seeen by the open door policy to so, so many lobbyists and special interest groups of this WH “Goldman Sachs” administration all for political gain points to a continued erosion of American Life!

    Christopher Tingus
    “Main Street USA”

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