What did we know and when did we know it?

Let’s suppose that Mitt Romney takes over as President in 7 months and 20 days. What will be his first actions? If I told you what he has promised, even some for the first day, whether you are a DEM or a Republican you would find it laughable and probably no remote chance of its occurring.

So now let’s imagine what President Obama will do as he enters his second term in 7 months and 20 days?  My understanding is that over 200 draft Executive Orders are piled up and stuck in the White House until after the election. One of interest to me is a revision to E.O. 11988 concerning floodplain management. That order dates from 1977. Another is a comprehensive revision of the Principles and Standards for Water Resource Projects. Those standards date from 1983.

As to the state of Union at that onrushing junction who knows? War in Iran? EU collapse economically? War with China over Taiwan? Revolution in Mexico? Coup in Egypt? Assad stays in power in Syria?  Assad surrenders power?

Perhaps all of the above or none of the above. It is what makes it tough to be a sitting President, arguably the world’s toughest job.

Historically, the best politicians have made the best President. Lincoln, TEDDY Roosevelt, FDR, IKE, REAGAN, Clinton, and take your pick on others. All President’s have failings. Between Andrew Jackson and FDR only one President served two full terms relatively healthy. That being US Grant.  Jackson elected 1828 [won the popular vote in 1824 but lost in the electoral college] and FDR being elected to first of 4 terms in 1932. Died in office in April 1945. Outlived by Hitler.

So the key question in the world right now is will Obama get two terms or have to be satisfied with one? Of course if defeated he could run again! The Constitutional prohibition is against a President elected twice from being elected again.n The  prohibition is in the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution ratified February 27, 1982!

If he fails to get a second term I believe President Obama, our first half white President, will not be highly ranked for his efforts. Data largely concealed from the public released over the next century will document more failures by a wide margin than successes. A largely cautious failed Presidency. Hoping I am wrong but don’t think so.

Should Romney be elected, it will be a clear signal that those who have gained wealth in the private sector as asset strippers should now start on the treasury and federal property.  The Republicans are NOT interested in a balanced budget. They view the federal fisc as available to reward their friends [donors]!  This is largely because I read Mitt as another Bush wanting to be President just to say he done it. Again could be wrong.

Neither man will be able to attract talent to his administration and get them confirmed if they stand at all for protection of the commons, the public interest, and the standing of the USA in the world. And war could well be the final contribution of both to US history.

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