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DHS Key positions updated!

This information has recently been updated, and is now available. Assistant Secretary, Office of Cyber Security and Communications, Michael Locatis Assistant Secretary, Infrastructure Protection, Caitlin Durkovich Assistant Secretary, Office of International Affairs and Chief Diplomatic Officer, Alan Bersin

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Water, Water Everywhere But Not a Drop to Drink?

In February the DNI [Director National Intelligence] produced a fascinating report on water issues. Go to:

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India Passes Japan as World’s 3rd Largest Economy!

According to the IMF, the European Union has the largest GDP, worth $15.8 trillion, followed by the United States with $15 trillion, China with $11.3 trillion, and India now narrowly ahead of Japan, with $4.458 trillion against $4.44 trillion. In … Continue reading

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Brennan and the US Drone Program!

John Brennan, a product of the CIA culture and career, before several audiences has defended the Administrations use of drones in the GWOT [a banned phrase that I still use]! Although not a lawyer he defends the legality of these … Continue reading

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