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Submission of the FY 2012 DHS Budget

Last year the DHS released its effort at complying with the statutory mandate that it conduct a Quadrennial Homeland Security Review, patterned on the DOD equivalent. Basically the effort was found deficient IMO by GAO but DHS did indicate all … Continue reading

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Reorganization of the Pentagon

Been doing some thinking about the future of DOD while off grid here in the NNK of Virginia. The nation for good or bad has made a tremendous investment in DOD. It vast collection of people, equipment and systems should … Continue reading

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DHS Leadership Journal

I check the DHS Leadership Journal to see what the Leaders of DHS are saying about their programs, functions, activities and problems and successess from time to time. You can also by going to Leadership Journal Unfortunately no posts by … Continue reading

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Okay the last will be first. Of my top three DHS priorities meaning raison d’etre for the Department being established is collection of domestic intelligence.¬†Bureacracies rise and fall in Washington for many reasons. Perhaps the DHS portfolio was just too … Continue reading

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