A NEW WMD-Weapon of Mass Destruction–CORRUPTION?

It can be pretty well documented that all of the norther tier of nation-states on the African Continent bordering on the Mediterranean are undergoing potentially revolutionary events. Why? Many speak Arabic! Many in the countries worship ISLAM! Many citizens and residents under age 40! Many married couples have 4 or more children. And of course to some degree Social Media 2.0 and cell phones and the INTERNET have begun significant penetrations of these various cultures and nation-states. But I account for a different reason that the tinder of revolution may ignite. Specifically corruption in governmental circles and specifically corruption in the military ranks in these nation-states.

A typical article discussing corruption appeared in the NY Times today at:

In essence the elimination of Mubarack has allowed new focus to be placed on the Egyptian military which has been identifed to me as not only incompetent but very corrupt. Actually I thought the opposite before the recent crisis but shows my ignorance of the ME.

The question for Egypt I thought could be stated as relatively free elections for a new parliament and new president, and a lifting of the 1981 STATE of EMERGENCY.

Now my belief is that is not enough. A corrupt military that has the bulk of the weaponary and organization to apply organized violence to its citizens must in fact be made to answer for its corruption. Only then will democracy have a chance with a relatively open economy.

By the way my conclusion does not just apply to Egypt. Most Flag Ranks in the US military NOW structure their careers for post-employment reasons and few actually are witness to the stresses and risks of combat. Are they corrupt? We don’t have either a political will to find out or a MSM that wishes to find out so the burden of proof lies with the military not the civil government officialdom that provides the thin veneer of civilian control of the military.

Some wit or maybe some witless person, ignoring major differences, made the statement that “we are all Egypt now”! Will maybe part of US is and that is the military.


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