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My Life and REP-Radiological Emergency Preparedness

While on active duty in the US Army in EUCOM [European Command] from fall 1968 to July 1997 I was on special orders as a NAICO [Nuclear Accident Incident Control Officer] meaning I was on call and has special duties … Continue reading

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Arabia and the Maghreb!

I have been trying to follow events in the Middle East (ME) closely over the last two months. One of the best sites for info is the blog of Professor Juan Cole, PhD of the University of Michigan. That site … Continue reading

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DEMOGRAPHICS- Wish I Understood Them Better!

The following article came to my attention: Texas demographer: ‘It’s basically over for Anglos’ | Texas Politics | – Houston Chronicle It is always interesting to me that in the arena of demographics HISPANICS are never broken down between … Continue reading

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AMANDA DORY-Senior Executive Service

Amanda Dory is Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy. I met her while participating in a CSIS study from which the following article¬† was capably extracted by Ms. Dory: American Civil Security: The U.S. Public and Homeland Security I … Continue reading

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The results of the 2010 Census are pouring out each month this year. Surprises are in store for some governmental units. Based on the definition in the former Federal Revenue Sharing statute there were about 39,000 local units of government. … Continue reading

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Legal Policy–The Two Most Important Legal Memo’s sent FEMA Management!

Should you find it strange that the two most important legal memos ever sent FEMA management by the Office of the General Counsel [when FEMA independent] or the Office of the Chief Counsel since FEMA wrapped into DHS were sent … Continue reading

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Betsy Markey-DHS Intergovernmental Affairs

What does the term Intergovernmental Affairs actually mean in Washington. Well in 1984 the Intergovernmental Cooperation Act became law and that did not make any¬†clearer the terminology. What it really means is that someone organizationally is the spearpoint to see … Continue reading

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