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Japan–Three weeks into the Catastrophe!

Well the phrase “a long hard slog” does not just apply to warfare. And by the way a NATO figleaf now covers the naked position of the OBAMA Administration in Libya. Also the rebels/insurgents have made little progress despite the … Continue reading

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I guess reading about the Chinese offer to Poland to fund and build their critical infrastructure including roads, railways, and airports startled me into thinking that maybe the Germans won’t have a lock on what happens West of the Urals … Continue reading

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Predictions–Gut feelings not even at level of intuition!

Okay here goes! By the 4th of JULY this year: 1. Greece will have declared bankruptcy and reneged on its debt obligations. 2. The Japanese will still be mounting a major effort to decontaminate Miyagi Prefecture. 3. The Major Party … Continue reading

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Current Events–My take!

So here goes!  Ignore Libya and focus on Japan. When one of the world’s largest and wealthiest democracies is in trouble that is where the US needs to focus its foreign relations. Japan is in deep trouble. It economy and … Continue reading

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Current Events–A quick and dirty take?

My periodic assessment of current events will now be appearing on this blog from time to time instead of the Vacation Lane Blog found at

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Japan–Minamata Disease and Is the Past Prologue?

Some of the readers of this blog may well remember the mercury poisoning episodes !  Minamata disease is the Japanese name for the problem!   In order to protect the Japanese seafood industry the problem of mercury poisning was not addressed … Continue reading

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Public Health–Hospital Preparedness and Japan!

Looking increasingly like I will need to post on breaking issues in Japanese catastrophe!   One developing story is Groundwater Contamination!   Another is Hospital Preparedness! Apparently the Japanese did not read the report set forth below: Primary source: National … Continue reading

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