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For FEMA The Future is NOW!

I often go to NOAA Weather Radar over the course of any 24 hour period. We definitely are not out of the woods for this years tornado attacks by MOTHER NATURE !  Over 600 in April and May totals still … Continue reading

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Has Rule by the Nation-STATE Ended?

Another time recently on another blog the Treaty of Westphalia [actually the Peace of Westphalia] iwas mentioned by me or someone else. From Wikipedia: Peace of Westphalia From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Peace of Westphalia Treaties of Osnabrück and Münster … Continue reading

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The Growing Food Crisis and FEAR!

Extract from an article by Foster Kamer in the NY Observer: “The rising cost of food can be seen even in New York’s yuppiest enclaves, where prices are high to begin with. Bloomberg food critic Ryan Sutton has been running … Continue reading

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Mississipi River Data in flood!

From USGS Measures Flooding at Morganza Spillway and Across Louisiana Posted: 17 May 2011 06:20 PM PDT “U.S. Geological Survey crews are measuring flooding along the Atchafalaya and Mississippi Rivers, including the Morganza and Bonnet Carre Spillways. Several USGS … Continue reading

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Mary Parker Follett

On another blog this AM–specifically I posted an extract from Wikipedia on the above personage and hope readers of this blog understand why I am doing it again here!  Suggest you read the entirety of the entry on Wikipedia. … Continue reading

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National Economic Impacts from Disasters?

Hurricane Katrina’s major impact on the nation came from the impact on the oil and gas industry where Louisiana is a key production and logistics state. The fate of the citizens of NOLA had almost no economic impacts on the … Continue reading

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Now that the Morganza Spillway will be opened up over the next few days (intention is diversion of a portion of the raging Mississippi River from the Main STEM channel) eyes will be turning from that structure about 140 river … Continue reading

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US Demographics-Policy Implications for Disasters?

From Wikipedia: Demographics of the United States From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia It has been suggested that People of the United States be merged into this article or section. (Discuss) The 2010 U.S. Census reported 308,745,538 residents,[1] making the United … Continue reading

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The Morganza Spillway

The key to the battle  for flooding control in 2011 on the mainstem Mississippi is now the Morganza Spillway!  From Wikipedia: Morganza Spillway From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Morganza Spillway was first opened in 1973, not to control flooding, … Continue reading

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The 21st Century–Apocolypse NOW?

Okay recent articles in MSM and other blogs drive this posting. Facts–Oil probably will run out this century but not natural gas and LPG! Nuclear power is not dead as long as a single reactor operates on the face of … Continue reading

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